Mavraganeiko Guesthouse at Trikala of Corinth…

The traditional stone-built Mavraganeiko guesthouse (4-key category) at Trikala of Corinth, is located in the center of Mesaia Trikala of Corinth, in a distance of 50m from the village square and at an altitude of 1000m. It consists of Superior rooms and Executive jacuzzi suites with panoramic view of the Corinthian Gulf and the mountains of Ziria, equipped with all modern amenities and uniquely decorated, each one with a different style and colours from the inexhaustible palette of nature.

Mavraganeiko guesthouse has a breakfast hall, lounge/cafe-bar and a private parking for the guests. It combines the highest levels of service with the latest technology, aiming with a lot of care and passion, to offer to the visitors genuine traditional hospitality.

The love for our land of origin made us give new life to our ancestral mansion. The technical office of the owner and civil engineer Nikolaou Vl. Rallis undertook the renovation and expansion, turning it into a stone-built traditional guesthouse, respecting the local architecture and harmonizing it with the mountainous natural and residential environment.

Decorator and painter Christos Arvanitis decorated the guesthouse with minimal and traditional elements which bring nature to the bedside of the visitor, while the oak floors, the fireplace and the specially designed handmade furniture, offer a sense of harmony and luxury making Mavraganeiko the ideal choice for those who seek something special.

We invite you to experience the glamour of our rooms, to relax and enjoy nature, to taste traditional recipes and feel the hospitality of Trikala…

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