Trikala of Corinth is situated on the slopes of the plateau of Ziria and is the largest village on the east side of the mountain. Trikala of Corinth consist of three districts: Upper, lower and middle Trikala (Ano, Kato and Mesaia Trikala).

Kato Trikala of Korinth is located at an altitude of 900m, just 2 km way from the main road and at its left side.  It is the oldest district of Trikala and famous for its large raisin crops, vineyards, olive groves and others such as walnut trees and cherry trees. 

Thousands of years ago, but also until recently, patients were arriving in Trikala in order to find treatment, having as an ally the excellent climate and the fresh air.

Going up the mountain, at a distance of 3km, at an altitude of 1100m, we find the district of Mesaia Trikala of Corinth where you can enjoy the amazing panoramic view of the mountains of Corinth. The famous feast for the Transfiguration of Christ is taking place in the village on August 6, where the dance and the songs begin on the eve’s night and last throughout the entire next day until the morning.

Shortly after the district of Messaia Trikala of Corinth you will find Ano Trikala of Corinth otherwise known as “archontomachalas” during the Ottoman era. It was the seat of the renowned family of Notaras who settled at Trikala in the early 16th century with the high towers and the iron doors of which few exist until today, to remind the grandeur of that era.

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